Top 5 most considered websites for student travelers

Most of the time, students get the most discount on everything, especially when it comes to transportation. As a student, there is only a limited budget and source of money that comes from your pocket; that is why sometimes it is hard to get on a trip for a vacation. If you are a student and wanted to travel the different corners of the world then, you’ll have to search for the best website that can help you in finding cheap deals package for traveling. It can be tough to look at the World Wide Web because of lots of Instagrammers and travel blogs who are declaring to be the primary source of all stuff of traveling for students.

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This article will make the traveling experience a reality for students by providing lists of options for traveling exclusively for them.

1. International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

You can save hundreds or thousands of money by purchasing this ISIC card and register it with the ISIC Association which will enable you to provide definite proof that you are a student which is a gateway for the potential of getting discounts and deals around the world. The card is beneficial because it lets most of the museums to offer huge student discounts. Besides it also provides arrangements for movie, theaters, some restaurants, and transportation. As a backup, it is always necessary and helpful if you also have an additional verified identification when traveling.

2. Rome2rio

This tool comes with a great website and mobile app wherein it can be your one-stop-shop for a way – any way – to get to your chosen destination. How does it work? You can type in city or town, a national landmark, or any random address and you will be given thousands of alternative routes on how to get there. Rome2rio will get you where you want to go whether it’s an airplane, rental cars, train, ferries, buses or trolleys. This student travel tool will also always let you book transport and accommodations.

3. FundMyTravel

We start with the motto of FundMyTravel, which is “Fund Meaningful Travel Experiences.” It means that a student should always get a meaningful journey and fits for those who want to make their experience abroad about something greater than themselves. Because traveling is more expensive than other activities around the globe, there are plenty of ways to make it affordable. The FundMyTravel is a student website that allows adventurers to set up a fundraising page for their journey, so that families, friends, and even strangers can donate via online and support them get to where they want to go.

4. GoAbroad

It is one of the best resources for student travel of all time. Moreover, GoAbroad has infinite guides and articles with all the latest trips for any journey (i.e., academic, exploration, volunteering, or for work). If you prefer to check or choose this site, you can directly go to this link:

5. Couchsurfing

Sometimes the best way to know about the destination you are hitting is to get to know the locals firstly. So Couchsurfing is one of the most excellent ways to throw yourself into the local culture while traveling. And according to lots of backpackers, this site is a little more affordable compared to others, generating more offers for an improbable experience of living the life of a local. Escape from the bars of being a typical student and explore more with the key of budgeting techniques!

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