Top 5 Websites to book a Cruise

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A cruise ship is one of the transportation media which is commonly used and prefer travelers around the world. And sometimes booking a cruise is not that easy. The processes that involve lots of open tabs and maybe a spreadsheet or two is more complicated and time-consuming. We didn’t notice that we can still use to book cruises the travel search engines we are utilizing to find the best deals on flights, rental cars, hotels. The best website to book a journey depends on what you are looking for. And there are instances that the best cruise website is actually at its cruise own line site.

To save you from inconvenience and hassle here is the highly recommended list of cheap cruise sites but with quality.

1. Priceline

The user interface is very accessible and straightforward to navigate. You can search by cruise line, both for standard and luxury and also by balcony and suite deals, themed cruises and last minute journeys. In addition to that, there are plenty of bonus amenities with Priceline like $50 offshore excursions, up to $1,000 in onboard credit and the third and fourth guest sailing free. It also allows you to click for the “senior discount” section if that applies to you.


It offers cruises all over the world in which you have the option to choose. The sites theme is beach-oriented and little bit cheeky. You can use and click the “Cruises” tab you can search by ship, cruise line, destination, departure date, and cruise theme, including family-friendly voyages and cruises from the ports near you. The site also offers a refund on a 24-hour cancellation which is with specific parameters (you can check it in their website). also offers an oddly satisfying loyalty club.

3. TripAdvisor

If you are familiar with this site, you’ll probably recognize it mainly as travel review site wherein you can talk about hotels and attractions, as well as to post or see photos as seen by the traveler’s actual eyes. But did you know that this is also an excellent resource for travel deals including on cruises? It lets you check the lowest price by comparing more than 70,000 river and ocean cruises from 60 of the best cruise websites. Well technically, it is a metasearch site for cruises which means that it will prompt you to a different page or elsewhere to book and what’s right for this one is that it allows you to sort your searching by cabin type, destination, length and month of travel.

4. Cruisewatch

It might be a perfect consideration if you check Cruisewatch for your journey booking site. It highlights its feature to bills itself as a “digital cruise advisor” that couples data control with personalization making it more efficient to use by the travelers. Moreover, aside from its ability to predict prices, Cruisewatch also emphasizes a tool to match every passenger with a sailing based on their particular preferences.

5.Costco Travel

Here in Costco, the entire process can be completed online. Its best feature includes Rock-bottom prices—plus loads of cash back if you play your cards right. To give you a great idea Costco Citi cardholders can earn 3% cash back on cruise purchases and can combine to the 2% exclusive Costco Reward for the members. A total of 5% back on Costco travel is already a super economical cruise rate.

5 Best Sites To Book Hotel

Traveling is simple and easy if you know what the right technique or strategy to conserve money by looking for a pleasant accommodation and amenities, cheap flights, and car rentals. One of the essential factors you have to consider is to find an affordable and clean hotel to stay in. Of course, the best way for it is to approach the internet and discover websites that are excellent in promoting and stating the cheapest deals. It should be somehow attention to detail and incredible so that travelers will recognize.

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You can find hundreds of travel websites on the internet, but in this article, some lists of sites may serve as your guideline and to gain an idea of what hotel you should pick.


This site is perfect for last minute hotels, and it is often great for family reservations as it has a more extensive selection of rooms. The options are displayed more transparently, that is why you can decide on what to choose immediately.


The website is more focusing and specializes in Asia wherein it can find great discount deals for hotel accommodations. It is ideal to use if you are planning to travel to fascinating places around Asia.


You might also consider the site as it was the most useful hotel booking website. The user interface is straightforward to use and comfortable for trip planning. According to the users, the customer service here is excellent when handling specific problems. It also includes the best prices of any booking sites. To give you a heads up, you should be aware that there are various kinds of reservations: most can be totally canceled with no charge however some charge the full amount or have cancellation fees upon booking with no capability to cancel. It highlights its feature to have a super handy calendar wherein you can check or view all the hotels you’ve booked. Furthermore, the reviews come from verified guests so that you will surely have a good idea about their graded hotels.


It also one of the sites which excellent in finding cheap hotels but be also watchful about the complaints from readers about overbooked hotels or canceled bookings. One great about this website is that it has a firm and clear, user-friendly interface which will probably recognize by everyone.


Like other travel search sites, you can quickly compare prices from different websites using this tool. At the main page includes the instructions on how you can book. It also enables you to filter your search from cheap hotels to your ideal type of hotel.

Top 5 most considered websites for student travelers

Most of the time, students get the most discount on everything, especially when it comes to transportation. As a student, there is only a limited budget and source of money that comes from your pocket; that is why sometimes it is hard to get on a trip for a vacation. If you are a student and wanted to travel the different corners of the world then, you’ll have to search for the best website that can help you in finding cheap deals package for traveling. It can be tough to look at the World Wide Web because of lots of Instagrammers and travel blogs who are declaring to be the primary source of all stuff of traveling for students.

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This article will make the traveling experience a reality for students by providing lists of options for traveling exclusively for them.

1. International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

You can save hundreds or thousands of money by purchasing this ISIC card and register it with the ISIC Association which will enable you to provide definite proof that you are a student which is a gateway for the potential of getting discounts and deals around the world. The card is beneficial because it lets most of the museums to offer huge student discounts. Besides it also provides arrangements for movie, theaters, some restaurants, and transportation. As a backup, it is always necessary and helpful if you also have an additional verified identification when traveling.

2. Rome2rio

This tool comes with a great website and mobile app wherein it can be your one-stop-shop for a way – any way – to get to your chosen destination. How does it work? You can type in city or town, a national landmark, or any random address and you will be given thousands of alternative routes on how to get there. Rome2rio will get you where you want to go whether it’s an airplane, rental cars, train, ferries, buses or trolleys. This student travel tool will also always let you book transport and accommodations.

3. FundMyTravel

We start with the motto of FundMyTravel, which is “Fund Meaningful Travel Experiences.” It means that a student should always get a meaningful journey and fits for those who want to make their experience abroad about something greater than themselves. Because traveling is more expensive than other activities around the globe, there are plenty of ways to make it affordable. The FundMyTravel is a student website that allows adventurers to set up a fundraising page for their journey, so that families, friends, and even strangers can donate via online and support them get to where they want to go.

4. GoAbroad

It is one of the best resources for student travel of all time. Moreover, GoAbroad has infinite guides and articles with all the latest trips for any journey (i.e., academic, exploration, volunteering, or for work). If you prefer to check or choose this site, you can directly go to this link:

5. Couchsurfing

Sometimes the best way to know about the destination you are hitting is to get to know the locals firstly. So Couchsurfing is one of the most excellent ways to throw yourself into the local culture while traveling. And according to lots of backpackers, this site is a little more affordable compared to others, generating more offers for an improbable experience of living the life of a local. Escape from the bars of being a typical student and explore more with the key of budgeting techniques!

Top 5 Helpful Websites you should follow

Having trips locally and internationally sometimes causes us to kill money. It is more fun and enjoyable if we don’t consider spending too much resource from our pocket. We can still book flights and hotels strategically as well as to buy amazing foods and souvenirs by having a well-budgeted list. The tourism industry is now integrated with the help of technology to boost its profits and gain further growth. It is why there are a lot of websites and mobile applications that we can lean on to support us in saving money while on a trip, get a proper direction to places, etc.

In this article, you can choose sites and useful apps that you can use while on the journey.

1. Tripeedo

The most challenging and painful part of planning for a trip is to search cheap and suitable flights because it is somehow time-consuming especially there is a time that some websites let you navigate multiple pages and alternative layouts. Tripeedo will help to eradicate this problem by having its feature to provide an easy-to-use comparison service which is available through a single search bar. You can generate a host of matching flights from various international airlines by entering relevant search filters.

2. Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush

It is an online resource which allows you to create a unique and individual holiday checklist. The advantage of using this source is letting you access via online or mobile device instantly. It helps you enter a precise destination and pack your suitable clothes, footwear, and accessories to achieve a wealth of location-specific information.

3. Drive Pricing

One of the most considered method while traveling domestically or via across border is having great fun on a road trip using a personal car or vehicle. Of course, it may be costly, mainly when you include the rising cost of fuel. Well, the Drive Pricing website will help you prepare and reduce costs by enabling you to have a simple calculation of the fuel performance of your car, distance, and vehicle type.

4. See Your Hotel

For every traveler, one of the biggest concerns following an international trip is accommodation specifically to its vicinity and quality to local amenities. See Your Hotel uses a combination of user reviews and detailed graphics insight to help travelers what to expect. This dedicated online resource is beneficial to educate many backpackers on their possible accommodation.

5. ATM Locator

Did you try in a particular scenario wherein you are enjoying and having a pleasant time in a strange place until suddenly you realize that you are out of cash? One of the factors which make you have difficulty in finding ATM is when you are in an unfamiliar place. The ATM Locator will save your day as it serves an essential online resource which uses GPRS technology and allows travelers to locate any ATM’s within their direct locality.

7 Best travel websites you must follow

Traveling can cause a lot of positive effects along the human’s body. It can help boost your physical, emotional, and mental stability. And sometimes, it is best to prepare and save your pocket from expensive foods and transportation while planning for a journey, whether the destination is either near or far. So if you’re thinking about a trip, it is best to check essential travel websites or tools to guide you for a better approach.

In this article, you’ll learn that far off destination will be easier to fly and get around with the help of the lists of websites below:

1. Eater.Com

One of the first and essential thing that you have to consider while on a journey is to look for the best and affordable meals to eat. According to Cynthia Drescher, one of the best things about traveling to a new place is trying a new type of food and drink when you are there. Furthermore, Eater is a site that announces everything from the latest trends in ingredients and where to try them.

2. Maps.Google.Com

Probably, it might sound very familiar to every one of us but with the help of its handy satnav directions, local information, and downloadable map options, it is more convenient to get into the right direction going to the places you need to hit. Besides, there are a lot of options like walking, transport, driving, etc that you should have to handle before traveling.

3. Viator.Com

This site has the most excellent idea ever made. Imagine that it offers various activities to help travelers get into the core of the local experience while eliminating some of the roadblocks.

4. Tripit.Com

It is particularly useful because if in any case that you can’t remember the name of your hotel, you can forward all your email booking confirmations to this planning tool and everything covered from flights to restaurants will pop up right away.

5. Duolingo.Com

This enjoyable and satisfactory app will genuinely support you in learning the local language that you are heading to. Doulingo covers a lot of words, and it is free and easy to use, which includes oral and listening options.

6. Hitlistapp.Com

Our world has a lot of stunning and terrific destinations. It is hard to organize the list of the places you wanted to go if you don’t have a specific tool. Thanks to Hitlist and you can easily organize your ever-expanding destinations. Moreover, it allows you to share your picks with friends and relatives. It continually scours for updated airfare data to let you have an idea when ticket costs are a steal.

7. Rentalcars.Com

Except for excellent customer service, you can also get a benefit from this site of having a very cheap car rental. They are unbeatable in America, and they are also influential along with UK/Europe rentals.

Top 5 Travel Sites or Apps that will surely save your time and effort

Some tourism industry in different countries embarks on a downward turn while the global economy is continually growing. Even a popular destination, especially in some areas of Asia, is experiencing a significant descending of profitability and interest, which leads to a trend that remains notable by numerous countries. There may be a decline in traditional tourism, but there are an excellent idea and alternatives that the industry begins to prosper. One good example of that is the emergence of dark tourism wherein murder sites, and disaster zone converts into a superb interest for international visitors.

So there is still a considerable demand which still exists in the international tourism industry. It is essential for every consumer to locate multi-purpose travel websites that allow them to save time and effort when planning their trip. Below is the list of options you might consider.

1. Seat Guru

If you are hoping and planning for a romantic and intimate trip abroad with your partner, the Seat Guru is perfect for you to choose. It helps the negative chances of being stranded in a separate and distant seat from your travel companion to the fact that you are using a budget airline. Well, it enables you to secure the best possible package because it has real-time access to seat maps and complete flight information. You can develop to visualize correctly you will sit with the help of imagery and graphics to highlight seating plans.

2. Traveas

It is a mobile application which enables you to track the real-time status of flights. The ability to relay on vital information concerning potential delays is the highlight feature of this app. Through with this tool, a user can have the time to prepare for any upcoming changes of the itinerary. Users can automatically subscribe to targeted updates by sending flight information via SMS.

3. Sleeping in Airports

When it comes to traveling, you usually think about hotels, beds, breakfast, and other comfortable accommodations. However, many people go for a limited source or budget, especially for the young backpackers who want to discover and experience the world’s most bizarre in distant locations. Sleeping in Airports is ideal for these individuals because it provides advice on how to save money by enjoying peaceful night’s rest in any of the world’s accommodating airport terminals.

4. Calendar 5

This calendar app is valuable as it helps you to keep track of upcoming events and daily tasks. And if you are only focusing on your to-do-list, Calendar 5 is perfectly suitable for you.

5. Due

This is another mobile app (reminder app) which lets you keep and store all types of reminders. It is essential, especially if you are having a lot of activities Monday-Sunday.

Some Of Our Top Favorite Travel Blogs

Keep track, follow your steps while on trips and enjoy the beauty of nature. You should enjoy traveling around the globe. So when you are on a journey, you should have any knowledge about the places that you are going to and also get some advice and trivia about visiting different locations. One good example is to follow websites to make your travel life more comfortable. Generally, a travel website must include Airport information, Relevant suggestions on language and local dialect and public transport information. It also must consist of maps and guides, High-quality photography, A summary of the area, with highlights of essential places, hotel recommendations with web links to hotel and booking sites, Information about recreation and outdoor activities, guides to arts and culture, including museums, theaters, and other tourist attractions and also about packing tips. However, it is not 100% sure that all of them have to will be included; maybe the most critical element will be enough to guide some of your online visitors.

Here are some of the examples for the travel websites for your guidance:

1. Discover Chile

Of course, this is also the official site of Chile. The stunning views inside on it are just basically a social form. Wonders in the area are the highlights of this site. We discovered this blog by the owner of NuVision which helped us have an amazing time in Chile so we thought it would be appropriate to give him a shout out here.

2. Visit Brasil

Every country has its own and unique tourism site, so in the land of Brazil, this is its official tourism site. The interface is full of scenic views beautiful beaches and hikes through the Amazon, and maybe that is the reason why it is not hard for the visitor to convince. Brazil is a vast country in South America yet even though the site has a lot to cover, It just divided by different regions through experiences, cultures, and traditions.

3. City of Telluride, Colorado.

It is ideal for those people who are planning for their spring trip. The design of the site focuses more on the stunning views and various activities in action. It is beneficial for those who are looking for outdoor activities.

4. On the Grid

It is fascinating to check and see because the main navigation bar is organized by region. It might be probably one of the unique blogs/site as the homepage features an alphabetical list of city guides, from Aberdeen to Zurich. It is effortless for the users to navigate it.

5. Cookiesound

This blog is very different from others because it shares the significance between a mother an a daughter photography stories. It is arranged by a comprehensive compilation of their journey around the world.

Top Travel Blogs For Travel Tours Around The World

Enjoy life while traveling and don’t put your time in to waste from useless things. Keep your vacation memorable and enjoyable because nobody wants to keep their life dull and plain. So pack your stuff and go for gold! This one might be an effective way to visit a certain travel website you should feel. Web design plays a significant role in visitors’ first impressions of a business. When we say web design especially inspired for traveling, it composes different elements like high-quality photography, attractive and straightforward content and links that are useful like bookings for hotels, restaurants, airplanes and public transportation.

It is great if we also navigate some of the travel websites to have some guidelines. Below is one of the examples :

1. Toucan Cafe & Tours

It dedicates to highlighting different coffee tours and languages. It is very extraordinary that this is created to persuade visitors. Everything is accessible from the big menu bar to the various navigation tabs that promotes tourism and languages. No more to a language barrier as Toucan also uses English as one of the primary language appropriated for customers.

2. Wheeling, West Virginia

It is the official tourism site for the site of the Wheeling, West Virginia. It features the picturesque view and historical sites of the place. The homepage divides into several sections for hotels, hotels, restaurants, recreation, and other activities. It perfectly suits for the people of West Virginia and also to those who are adventurous and want to discover something. The site is, and all the information that a visitor needs are there.

3. Utah, Life Elevated

If you’re going to explore all the states in the US, then you can use Life Elevated, the official website of one of the US-states (Utah). The homepage features large pictures for the various amazing views in the location. A content about the images is displaying upon clicking them. The site is beneficial to provide information for people who love tourism.

4. Travel Oregon

It is designed to attract more visitors to the state. It is an amusing, unique type of developing as it displays the regions and attraction into a video-game inspired design. Promoting choose-your-own-adventure style for visitors calls to action like, “Wander into the forest,” “Visit the Rose City,” and “See the magic Coast.” This site is extraordinary and can attract a large number of tourists.

5. Live Africa

The entire continent of Africa is the scope of this travel platform. It encapsulates the spirit of the African safari that the site heavily promotes, down to the textures and colors used throughout each page. In addition to that, awesome videos and animals are embedded. It is unusual for viewers and visitors to check this site for its simplicity and meaningful designs and content.

Travel Websites You Must Follow For Business

Nowadays, technology has impacted several aspects of our lives. It has different functions and purposes in every line of businesses. So the technology’s effect on business traveling has become widespread, and an example of the travel products often used are modern Internet -communication systems. Furthermore, GPS is one of the gained from technological advancement used for car rentals. It is within our hands how to find the best and most affordable travel business sites because our gadgets made by technology now have reliable some sort of source to ease our inconvenience, as they have already programs like Google Maps, Google Street View, YouTube, and Facebook.

So these are the following you can follow for business trips:

1. AmexGlobalBusinessTravel

It is a shortcut for the American Express Business Travel. This site is most probably most recommended as it is a multinational travel and meetings program management company in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States. Well, it provides three significant offers like travel management, meetings and events and global business consulting.

2. Business Travel

It is a corporate travel management and helps you anytime or anywhere. Its services and solutions include online booking with archived itineraries. And you can also get savings from their offer of program savings which you can get up to 60% of the most published fares and discounted hotels. They are even experts in managing international and domestic air reservations. Sounds good? Well, it is all up to you if you catch up with this site or not.


Get a cheap roundtrip flight and experience the most amazing services or discounts offered. It only focuses on deals on airfares.


You can find a list of the most affordable hotels’ deals and rooms including vacation packages. Industry veterans founded it from SideStep, Expedia, and TravelPost. You can approximately estimate how much the cost you will pay while navigating it.


One of the coolest features of is the tracking of any airport delays. In addition to that, it also allows users to view real-time arrivals and departures at your airport. Another thing to consider is also it can provide current airport weather and 7-Day forecast, view availability of parking and pricing then book online right away or find a limo for your flight and reserve it! Great beneficial tools for a great kind of website.

6. Orbitz for Business

It is designed to make booking, agreement and reporting more efficient and effective between the person involved in a business. In short, employee-travel-spending is the most concern of it.


If you are looking for a cheap deal and discounts for car rental? is an ideal travel platform site that you can visit.

Top Travel Websites We Recommend

Whenever and wherever you go, there is always a reason to find ways on how to make your life easier. It is like when you are traveling, having a safe and relaxing vacation, can get tips from friends, social media or even on websites. It is always incomparable for having a quality type of experience you get from exploring different unique destinations around the planet. Traveling also sometimes your way to get in touch with mother nature, there are also some instances that people go on a trip to escape the reality of the present surrounded by toxic levels of frustration and stress. To help you and to provide you suitable suggestions about your travel goals, below are some of the examples you can check:

1. Expedia

It is the site that allows you to see and check the most affordable flight and hotel that you can book at the same time. Its features are somehow most advance rather than others. You can navigate and see that there are flights, hotels, cars, cruises, “things to do” and vacation rentals which can help you to go to your target location.

2. Kayak

You are wise if you use and follow this website because it offers the hottest travel deals which start at $50. Aside from that, another highlight that they are giving is that you can earn a hotel discount when dining out upon booking from it. There are also a lot of popular beach spots added in the site.

3. Hipmunk

Take the agony out of travel planning by visiting Hipmunk. You can find here cheap flights, deals on airlines, tickets and lower airfare. Your budget will truly suit using this website as it allows you also to monitor cheap hotels and discounted rooms as well as finding cheap cars. It is available for mobile application, so there is nothing to worry about, the user interface is very good.


Another valuable platform that you can review is this one. One great feature of this website is that there are deals which are exclusive only for the app. As many of us are already using mobile phones rather than laptop or pc, there will be no difficulty for us to browse what we are looking for via mobile application. You can download it just right now to stay connected with important trip details — anytime, anywhere. Another difference is that you can earn bonus points when you redeem a statement credit plus earn on eligible purchases.